February 25, 2018

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  • Alla Axelrod

    Спасибо за превосходную статью, Мистер Гиндлер. Нет уже никаких сил терпеть их наглость, эту гидру нужно душить самыми агрессивными мерами.

  • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

    Another issue not emphasized enough in the article is a particular arrogance of judge Watson which motivated his decision against the executive order of Trump not referring to the text of the order proper, but … to the speeches of Trump: slightly (only slightly, alas) directed against islam.

    The NWO wants abolish the very idea of national identity of the nations of the West – and has almost reached this unprecedented goal! Eurabia has accepted this – see this in “An Idiot Guide on Basic Civic” http://judeochristianamerica.org/IdiotGuideOnCivic.htm

    According to this ugly judge, the very idea that islam does not belong to America is a thought crime. In fact the entire propaganda machine of America works in such a way that the right and necessary ideas can not even appear on the table.

    We need to rid of islam, of every 3100+ mosques and every last muslim in the US entirely! That’s the only way to save not merely our way of life but our lives literally! See more on that in these Russian articles:


  • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

    Agreeing with the direction of the article, I need to correct a few points in it.

    1) Globalism and the New World Order (NWO) is not something akin to “mensheviks”. It is rather a narrow “international” (a party) of super rich and powerful established about 150 years ago by Cecil Rhodes in the Great Britain outlined here http://judeochristianamerica.org/Quigley/WhoIsInControl.htm

    During more than 100 years the ideologues and nomenclatura of the NWO were promoted into US government, politics, so called parties, education, and media so successfully, that all these institutions now are near 100% filled with the NWO nomenclatura, while near 50% of electorate already share their liberast views.

    2) Though the two other branches of the US government are electable, see item (1). Moreover, the author is wrong claiming as though these other two has never been usurped, because the 2008-2016 US presidency was exactly usurped by a UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) under alleged names Obama/Soetoro – covered many times in this very weekly KSTATI (in Russian): http://kstati.net/neopoznannyj-operativnik/ , http://kstati.net/torzhestvo-gluposti/ , http://kstati.net/2016-porazhenie-civilizacii/

    3) This crime remains unacknowledged up to this very moment, leaving all the sabotaging crowd (the deep state) in place and acting against Trump. However it is due to his own cowardice that he lost a unique opportunity to fully expose the usurpation during his campaign in 2016, creating tsunami which would clean the Aegean stables of sabotaging deep state, and advance the triumph of Justice and repentance of this fallen nation – as explained in this Open letter: http://judeochristianamerica.org/OpenLetter/ToTrump2017.htm

  • Edward Dagman

    Америка проснись! Обращение к Нации http://russiahousenews.info/blogs/amerika-prosnis-obraschenie-k-natsii

  • Solomon Keyser

    Трудно поверить в “последний звонок”, но очень хочется этого. К сожалению, Обаме почти удалось фундаментально изменить Америку, внедрить фашизм антиколониального толка в сознание масс, удалось создить и воспитать миллионы бездельников и нахлебников, миллионы малограмотной шпаны, с умным видом несущей пургу; внедрить во все слои коррумпированного общества своих безграмотных единомышленников, извратить среднюю и высшую школы. Таким людям нужно пояснять, с нуля и по сто раз, что дважды два всегда четыре, что таблица умножения существует, что без знаний истории стран мира жить нельзя, и многое чего еще, простого, элементарного… Поживем – увидим.

  • Sergey

    Thank you.

    • Жанна Сундеева

      Будем надеяться…

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