January 23, 2018

Поддержите "Кстати"

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  • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

    Great article: thank you Grandmaster Gulko! You put it exactly right: The representatives of all European nations of the Christian civilization have officially signed a communique about termination of their civilization!

    However this signing now was merely a symbolic act on paper about what was the ugly reality for the last several centuries on the ground. The last organized effort of European nations to save the Christendom took place at the gate of Vienna in 1683. Then Vienna was saved, but Constantinople fell already in 1453 to islamic Ottoman Empire – then a super power.

    However in the end of 1870s Turkey was not a superpower. However when Russia was about to retake Constantinople, Great Britain (whose royal motto was “Defender of the Faith”) happened to be on the side of … islamic Turkey, and Russians blinked…

    A few decades later at the end of the WWI, Turkey was defeated by Britain and the allies (the very Turkey guilty in the Armenian holocaust). Constantinople (a Christian sanctuary grabbed from Christendom just 5 centuries ago) also sits on a key strategic asset such as Bosphorus straight! How in the world could the victorious Christian nations of Europe not grab it back: for free! Not even as a spoil of a just won war, but as something earlier grabbed from them?!! How could those Christian nations be so disinterested?! Well, but how could they wage numerous wars between themselves, against the own brethren?! Termination of the Christian civilization on the European ground alas is already a fact of the past.

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