January 16, 2018

Поддержите "Кстати"

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  • angar18

    Great article, thanks. Just a rhetoric question: what would happen to Haredims if IDF wouldn’t exist? In a such tiny country like Israel Haredim payed whatever amount of shekels to someone who would throw a stone at a IDF soldier. Why do we talk about Muslims, jihad, 26th Prophet, islamization, whatever if some Jewish citizens of the only Jewish State do everything possible to destroy the country. Why? Nobody should interfere with their study of Torah-thiat’s why. Let’s take them to the capital of Hungary and forced them to stay calm and quiet observing the most touching monument to the victims of Holocost- “The shoes.” In a memory of 30,000 Jews who were drown alive in the Blue Danube. Maybe something would click in their heads. But what 30,000 means to the people who honestly believe God would save them from annihilation and world’s hatred. Not IDF.

  • Candide III

    Facebook’s reaction to that picture would have been very different, I’m sure, if it were two white guys (with or without hoods) rather than two Palestinians.

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