January 16, 2018

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  • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

    The problem(s) of the Third millennium is what Mr. Voskovsky obfuscated rather than exposed. The real problem of the Third millennium (both unprecedented in history) are that…

    – The West had renounced the very concept of National Identity of nations in the West, and…
    – Opened borders for the least suitable foreigners – islamic savages, the enemy soldiers delivering host nations to the house of islam.

    1) Normally, when nations become more eager to fornicate than procreate facing a demographic death, letting in millions of foreigners would only speed up their death! It’s like a suicide assisted with a murderer! For example, Japan is aging, however they absolutely do not allow immigration of other ethnicities! Because…

    2) Nation X belongs to people X, period. It is their national identity supposed to be cherished and passed to the posterity! An attempt to change the national identity amounts to treason: especially when conducted without any national referendum! And yet such national treason was made a default position by the NWO propaganda in the entire West!

    Was it even imaginable to let in millions of say Germans into France, or French into Spain, or Spaniards into Britain – though Spaniards in Britain would do almost no harm in comparison with islamic piranhas in Britain and everywhere in the West!

    That’s are the real tragic aspects of the 3rd millennium disaster, better explained here: http://judeochristianamerica.org/IdiotGuideOnCivic.htm
    http://resonoelusono.com/EvasionOfBanOnIslam.htm (in Russian)
    http://resonoelusono.com/FreedomToBark.htm (in Russian)

    Восковску сокрыл а не раскрыл проблемы 3-го тысячелетия!

    • angar18

      Вообще, я не вижу предмета спора. С. Восковский правильно, на мой взгляд, указывает проблему. Он также как и Вы и я считаем, что ООН давно пора распустить. Страны Европы наконец-то начинают понимать, что они загрузили в свои закрома. Словакия, Венгрия, Германия, страны Бенилюкса. Но если в США завозили рабов с определенной целью делать то, что больше никто не хотел делать, типа осушать болота в Луизиане, то так называемый гумманитарный порыв европейских лидеров привел почти к полному коллапсу внутри их стран. Неумение и нежелание отличить беженцев от сотен тысяч солдат Аллаха налицо и на лице. Говорить об этом как-то уже скучно. Очевидное-невероятное. Все понимают, что надо сделать. Вот как? Вопрос риторический, поскольку ответ не требуется.

      • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

        I must respectfully disagree with your points.

        1) In this article Voskovsky actually wrote about giving a task to UN rather than dismissing it. More importantly…

        2) Voskovsky identifies and explains the self-liquidation of the West wrongly: as though caused by specific bad conditions in 3rd world nations or the Heinsohn ratio of young men.

        Just some 70 years ago when the West was saner: is it imaginable that say France agreed to swallow say millions of Spaniards – just because some hardships in Spain (or even because France badly needed cheap work force?! Unthinkable! And mind you: those hypothetical Spanish (Christian!) migrants into France would bring just minor tensions in comparison with those brought by muslims!

        3) Also mind you, that bringing millions of muslims into the West now has nothing to do with a need in the cheap semi-slave labor! On the contrary: muslims become welfare clients in huge proportions like 4 wives families with 20 children!

        4) Voskovsky does not mention at all the greatest paradox of a historically unprecedented self liquidation of the West via replacement of the formula “Nation X belongs to people X” with “Any white western Christian nation X belongs to whichever muslim and non-white welfare aspirants of the world”.

        As a method of a suicide the West chose to be eaten alive by a school of islamic piranhas. That was a deliberate decision first via the plan Eurabia, and then – by dissolution of the own national identities in every western nation up to such an absurd point, that assertion of the own national identity is now equated to racism (in indoctrinated minds of citizenry)!

        In America islamic and latino dhimmitude is so grotesque that all state and private offices offer the services and phone lines in … Spanish! In a language of invaders which did not even need to conquer this fallen nation of sheeple militarily in order to enforce their language! This nation of liberasts began to speak the languages of the invaders on its own!

        As to what to do, the first step of liberation requires at least to rid of all 3100+ mosques and all their visitors in the US. That’s the very minimum needed to preserve not merely our way of life, but our lives literally. What will it take – just anybody’s guess.

    • Mark Zeltser

      The Arabic conquer of Europe in the mid-2050’s scares us.
      Next generation of Europeans will accept it as a normal way of life,
      just as Soviet population born in 1910s accepted the life in Stalin’s
      Russia/Gulag as normal. Suicides commit their parents, but kids don’t
      have any choice, they take life day by day.

      • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

        Glad to read a reply of a wise man.

        1) Yes, the Arabic islamic invasion into Europe and America invited by ourselves ought to scary us, but it doesn’t, alas.

        2) Yes, such an invasion is akin to national suicide, committed by ourselves, while our children will accept it as though it had always been and must be that way.

        3) Will the children of the West quietly go away into darkness? Well, if they had once come around to the Final Solution for the benign Jews, they will supposedly recall it for islamic piranhas also. Just a matter of time…

        • Mark Zeltser

          Thanks for Your reply and kind remark.
          Just want to add my 20 cents.
          Usually, long-term , futuristic predictions fail, both in science and history.
          a few examples:
          – promise of nuclear fusion to replace fossil fuel;
          – promise of individualized medicine upon completion of Human Genome project;
          – AI “singularity” of Ray Kurzweil, that is moved ahead every 10 years;
          – sunset of the West by Oswald Spengler (1920’s);
          – rosy predictions by Fukuyama (1990’s).
          — Also, just curious if you are from Odessa and worked in LAOMI lab ?

          • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

            Wow! Yes, I did work in LAOMI lab in Odessa! You are very welcomed to contact me following the Contact in the web page under my avatar! I am looking forward to hear from you!

          • Mark Zeltser

            I was hired by LAOMI to replace your position when You emigrated to the USA.
            I don’t have Your webpage and not familiar with Contact communication. …
            Sorry for being old-fashioned. I prefer e-mails… my address is

  • angar18

    Точно. Е. Хаббард отмечал, что проблема рабства в Америке возникла тогда, когда рабам дали свободу. 4 миллиона людей без никаких навыков к жизни в Америке 19 века были вытолкнуты за дверь. В чем же их свобода была? Да ни в чем. Их никуда не брали, а поденная работа на 4 миллиона еще не накопилась. То же самое, как Вы отметили, уважаемый автор, произошло и с колониями. Идея перевода Монголии из феодализма в социализм овладела умами и завоевала мир. Но зато все свободны.

    • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

      1) No, the problem of slavery in America emerged when some states admitted slave labor! By the way, slavery in America existed even before slave owners began importing blacks from African slave traders. White slaves preexisted black slaves.

      2) Indeed, shipping millions of black slaves from Africa was most immoral, cruel, shortsighted, and mindless policy one can think about, because such a policy (among other things) undermined the national identity of this nation. The greedy people then wished the cheapest slave labor promptly – the future be damned. Similarly the contemporary employers are just as greedy and only wish cheap semi-slave labor now – the future be damned.

      • angar18

        I thought like you before but not anymore. We got this kind of knowledge about slavery from books. Of course. And I’m not talking about 21-century slavery. Now, to the point:

        “The pitiable condition of four million human beings, flung from slavery into freedom, thrown upon their own resources, with no thought of responsibility, and with no preparation for the change, meant for them only another kind of slavery.”

        “…A few years ago there was a fine storm of protest from Northern Negroes to the effect that Booker Washington was endeavoring to limit the Negro to menial service-that is, thrust him back into servility. The first ambition of the Negro was to get education so he might become a Baptist preacher. To him, education means freedom from toil, and of course we do not have to look far to see where he got the idea…”

        “In 1877 the Negro was practically disenfranchised throughout the South, by being excluded from the primaries. He had no recognized ticket in the field. …To most of the blacks freedom meant simply exemption from work. So there quickly grew up a roistering, turbulent, idle and dangerous class of black men who were used by the most ambitious of their kind for political ends. To preserve the peace of the community, the whites were forced to adopt heroic measures, with the result that we now have the disenfranchised Negro….”

        E. Hubbard, 1928.

        My opinion is that he, Hubbard, knew the subject.

        I’m not defending the institute of slavery. But it is a part of human social genome code-always to have someone “under.” No civilization ever existed without it. Cruel? Yes? Unfair? Sure? Spoiling both masters and slaves? Of course. Can do without it? Try.

        But I think I’m going a little bit outside the subject of the good article by S. Voskovskij.
        Thank you for your comment.


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