May 21, 2019

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Every time when Romney runs for an office, I would gladly vote for him because he does not belong to the Left being a typical boy scout, philanthropist and savior of some Olympiad” – wrote this author. What?! Suspecting that I possibly miss some irony or sarcasm, I re-read this phrase again and again. Alas, it appears that the author is absolutely serious – and therefore has no clue: no clue at all – because Romney (among only a few similar persons) exemplifies an extreme scoundrel deserving the hottest place in hell. He is among those few, which happening to be at the critical place and time of history, had diverted the history toward the satanic outcome.

    Yes, it was the scoundrel Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential candidate, which during the 2012 GOP convention (along with the entire GOP) banned Dr. Taitz, Esq. and Sheriff Arpaio from reporting the crimes of forgery and identity theft by Obama, the GOP’s opponent, which they supposedly wished to defeat! Romney and GOP then committed treason by assisting a UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) to attain the US presidency [1]! And as if that 2012 “feat” by Romney were not enough, Romney recently has loudly expressed his opinion, that Trump ought not to promote a judge Michael Truncale, who once called Obama an “un-American impostor”. That’s Romney, an instrument of Devil – may he burn in hell!

    The predecessor of Romney with the same satanic mission to divert the history happened to be the former governor of Arizona Janice Brewer which in 2011 vetoed the bill of the Arizona senate which required that every candidate for the state and Federal office must present the valid personal documents. This bill was passed keeping in mind the 2012 presidential election to enforce vetting of all candidates (including the impostor Obama), but Brewer “conveniently” vetoed it. Burn in hell Brewer next with Romney!

    • Sergey Lyashenko

      Ув. Александр,
      Недавно я услышал, что бывший президент сохраняет за собой судебную неприкосновенность как и действующий Президент. Правда ли это? Ведь если так то хусейн неподсуден на всю его жизнь.

      • Alexander Gofen

        No, to my best knowledge, former presidents are not immune against standard judgement. A special kind of judgement called “Impeachment” applies also to sitting presidents. Impostor Obama was not and is not prosecuted not because of lack of judicial power, but because a sabotage of judicial power and of all criminal government. Moreover: disregarding judicial power and judicial tools, Obama ought to be exposed by all parties and entire media, for that is exactly the purpose of parties and media in civilized nations.

  • Игорь_СПб

    Ромни – гнилой политикан, голосовать за которого могут только законченные идиоты.

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