January 18, 2018

Поддержите "Кстати"

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  • Alex Kogan

    Bottom line is that Trump who received 5 draft deferments had no right to question McCain’s courage and state like an uncultured “skotina” that he prefers people who weren’t captured. Seriously, what a height of arrogance to say the least! It was also unamerican to state such things for it is reminiscent of soviet apparatchiks who shot soldiers in the back who retreated under german fire in WW2.

    • http://JudeoChristianAmerica.org Alexander Gofen

      It’s your invented “bottom line”, not that of the Gulko’s article. In my criticism of McCain personality and Gulko’s article the bottom line (the main issue) was that McCain had betrayed his comrades POWs to be buried alive in Vietcong: not under torture, but being a US Senator; and that he had betrayed the US Constitution, his party and the electorate by collaborating for and covering up for his criminal opponent and impostor Obama.

      Alas, Trump too is guilty in his despicable capitulation in 2016 and reneging from an exposure of the 2008-2016 usurpation, which dooms his presidency and this shameless liberast nation.

  • Rivka Lazarevich

    Как говорил, не помню кто, ты с ним не садись в шахматы играть – раздолбает запросто! Что же касается его писаний, то их база – чаще всего “Блокнот агитатора”: примитив и масса грубейших ошибок. Так что, гроссмейстер гроссмейстером, а “публицист” “публицистом”. И с места им не сойти. Кстати, по опыту общения заметила у него и некоторое сродство с гроссмейстерами О.Бендером и Ноздревым (шашистом), в случае их проигрыша.

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