January 23, 2018

Поддержите "Кстати"

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  • Alla Axelrod

    Great job, Tanya! I enjoyed immensely and laughed a lot:-)

    • Tatyana Sundeyeva-Orozco

      Thank you, Alla! Glad to entertain 🙂

  • angar18

    Good one, but not as outright straightforward as it reads. The term “conservative” to me personally means nothing. This is one of the so-called qualification niches. If you would compare basic values or more correctly principles of let’s say conservatives, neo-conservatives, born-again Christians, Southern Baptists, Methodists, Presbytherians and so on, you won’t find too much difference. Again, in principles. As in art, especially in cinema-art, the differences between a junk and a revelation are just in nuances. In some apparently insignificant details. But those nuances do make the difference. Examples in art are in zillions.

    But it is much more sophisticated issue when you are considering personal views/attitudes. Again, this my very subjective opinion. And I’m not trying to invent a teapot. Just for instance, one of the hot issues, immigration. Specifically, illegal one. There is no one who outright support illegal action. Per default. Illegal means not legal, against the law. Seems, no discussion needed. But in reality the issue is much more complicated.

    First of all, and I think it is the major one, people would not come over here if there would be no chance to get a job. But those kind of jobs are “untouchables, because they are bringing the huge profit with a minimum expenses possible. Now, why this kind of job is available? Again, no brain activity is needed to answer this one: no one wants it because of the low pay. Who does create the job with a low pay? Well, anyone who wants to get a profit. And what would happen if locals take that kind of job? Someone needs to pay them twice as much. In 1930s US fought the influx of illegal tomato pickers by creating machines that performed the job. So, why in 21 century we can’t do the same? Answer this: Qui bono?

    And this is the answer to the problem with illegal immigration, anchor babies, pregnant 15-year old girls crossing the border, giving birth in some hospitals, let’s say in Yuma, and eventually bringing 30 relatives in. I don’t know anywhere else but in Southern California, say in LA high school education is below a knee level. Kids don’t know the English and how they could learn MAth, and whatever.? All are graduated.

    Now what? Answer is well known. And now, try to ask people with the same basic values/principles (see the partial list above) about the situation and you will get different answers. Why? My answer: because it is NOT in their backyard. They talk in general about Jesus, community spirit, education to every kid, humanity…. I call it hypocrisy of the highest probe. Why? Because no one from those well-wishers want their kids go to the same class with kids unable to follow simplest instruction, because of the foreign language. Yea, send those kids, underprivileged, to special schools, trade schools, etc. No one wants to have barrios next to their backyards, (I lived for a while almost in one. Great experience. Will recommend to any crying-babies “humanists”) no one wants bunch of teens using your pool after midnight. You don’t like it? Racist! Illegal immigration creates a huge underprivileged group of people in this country. Illegal immigration is what K.Marx would dream about because it creates proletariat in the “invaded” country. And the consequences, as showed recent Mayday demos in LA , SF and other places, are troubling. And I’m not even mentioning campuses.

    Bottom line: Supply and Demand. Sorry, Demand and Supply. If Demand (job) is resolved by smart and realistic economical policy-there would be no supply (illegal workers). And one more-legalizing illegality is the perfect prerequisite to be registered to Logic 101 free of charge.

    Just one item.

    Thank you.

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